The Association of Publishers and Booksellers of the Slovak Republic (ZVKS) is an independent voluntary organization that represents the interests of its members, protects their publishing and business activities and cares for its all-round development. Performs counseling and information activities. ZVKS focuses on the development of traditions of democracy and humanity in Slovak culture.
The Association was founded on June 27, 1991 as was a interest of publishers and booksellers to cover their professional interests. Its first chairman became Dr. Alexius Aust. For his members organizes events: seminars, conference, professional book fairs – Frankfurt/M, Bologna, London, Paris, Prague as well as other social events. ZVKS is a co-publisher of the magazine „Knižná revue“ (Book Journal), co-organizer of the International book exhibition Biblioteka and supports the awarding of various book prices. At present, over 80% of the book production in the Slovak Republic.
ZVKS has an important place to establish and maintain contacts with related institutions at home and abroad. Since December 2017 is a member of the Federation of European Publishers in Brussels.

The Chairman of the Association is Juraj Heger and Vice-Chairman Vladimír Michal.